Saturday, May 19, 2007

NFL getting greedy with video and audio

The NFL is going to limit how much video and audio media sites may use. In their on going efforts to make people have to pay for everything about the game they are once again pissing me off. rumor has it you will owe royalties by 2009 if you think about the NFL...and at that time you may only think about the NFL for 25 seconds.
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NFL limits Web media


The National Football League this week announced a new policy intended to govern the ability of media Web sites to offer audio and video content.

The NFL action is a reflection of the changes in technology and news gathering, and is a direct consequence of the popularity of a sport in which fans are looking for new ways to follow their respective teams.

According to the new policy, credentialed Web sites can use up to 45 seconds per day of audio and/or video of interviews or press conferences involving NFL employees, including players and coaches, as well as practice footage. The policy states that the audio or video cannot be used live and may be archived for 24 hours.

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