Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NFL Jabber 5/15/07

The Bears are under the same illusion that the Chief were for a few years. They think kick returning is going to translate to running routes, catching the ball and taking hits by moving Hester to WR.

The Saints scrubs have to be the most optimistic in the league after the emergence of Marques Colston last season. Sean Payton lets them know they should be.

“My message to them is last season’s team had guys from all three groups,” Payton said. “In other words, we had draft picks who certainly contributed. We had guys contribute who were free agents and players who were in here on a tryout basis.

“Once we get them here, how they arrive is not as important to us as what we see once they are here. That message is important to all those players in that room.”

Braylon Edwards says the Browns need 10 wins to be viewed as a success this season....I agree.

Brett Favre is backpedaling on his comments of wanting to be traded now. (Hey Brett...a trade now would not get you to a team with a better chance for a Super Bowl anyway).
"I was frustrated a couple weeks back when Randy Moss was traded to New England," the veteran quarterback said on the Packers' Web site. "I never wanted to be traded and I don't want to be traded. ... I want to finish my career as a Packer."

Marvin Lewis says there is an "opportunity" for Odel Thurman to return to the Bengals.
"I have been in contact with Odell and he has an opportunity to be reinstated. He'll have had to have really followed the very strict NFL guidelines in order to get to that point, and then obviously if he is reinstated to go forward. And if that happens, he'll have an opportunity," Lewis said. "We're still probably a couple of months away from that, and we'll see what happens toward the middle of July."

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