Friday, May 18, 2007

NFL Jabber 5/18/07

It's an open competition at QB in Oakland and JaMarcus Russell is okay with that.

"I'm a team player," Russell said when asked about the possibility of being an understudy. "I'm one of the biggest cheerleaders they have right now. I'm the type of player, I would love to be out there. Whatever it is to help my teammates, I'm here to do that."

Rookie Adam Carriker is going to start at one of the D-tackle spots for the Rams.

Keyshawn Johnson is set to make his visit to the Titans today.

"He's a possibility here," General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said. "You look at the consistency of his career, year-in, year-out he's been a productive guy. He's a big guy, a big target, a possession guy, a veteran. I think those are things that would interest us."

Rod Marinelli is pumped about the speed they have in Detroit.

"If you haven't seen us for a year, you go, 'Wow,' " Marinelli said after practice. "They look different." We've got some really key veterans. We've got some youth coming. We've got the kind of speed I'm talking about on defense. The more speed you add to your defense, the faster your special teams get. There should be expectations here."

New Colts WR, Anthony Gonzales will have to miss minicamp to attend NFL sponsored event.

Same with Brandon Jackson in Green Bay.

The Panthers are still looking for help at Safety.

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