Friday, May 11, 2007

NFL Jabber 5/11/07

NFL is thinking about adding a 17th game. It would make one of the preseason games count. Being a part of the quest for world domination, the 17th game would take place outside the US.

When Vince Young sets his mind to something it seems to happen. He is focused on improving to another level this offseason. Coaches and teammates have taken notice already.

"The good thing about this league is you have to prove yourself every
year," Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck said of Young. "I don't see any
big-headedness (in Vince). If anything, he understands his role has to
get bigger this year. He's working at it."

Feathers in Joe Gibbs headdress are getting ruffled as half his starting secondary didn't show for "voluntary" workouts.
"With Sean Taylor, I've had no contact whatsoever," Gibbs said. "I'm
not aware of anything there. That's about all I can say about it. I've
had no contact."

"With Shawn Springs, I've had a lot of talks this offseason," Gibbs
said. "We kind of made up our decision how we were going to proceed
this year and that we were going to go ahead with our normal situation
with him contractually and every other way. I had a sit-down with him
in Phoenix. Up to two weeks ago we thought we were in real good shape
with him.

"Then all of a sudden we lost contact. I think that's
something up here that can happen. It's one of the things you have to
work your way through."

Greg Cote of The Miami Herald makes a good point in his cry for giving Culpepper and Ricky an earned chance.

Mike Shula enjoys taking the step from Bama coach to QB coach for the Jags.

"I love coaching quarterbacks," Shula said Thursday after the Jaguars completed their final day of organized team activities. "Our job is to get the most out of these guys."

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