Saturday, March 31, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/31/07

Michael Turner is on the list of some teams for RB. The Packers and Bills have been mentioned. Now the Titans are showing interest. The Chargers may get a hell of a payday for their backup RB.

Kevin Faulk has no doubt that he and Lawrence Maroney can carry the load in New England.

"If he has to take more of the load, there is no doubt in my mind he can do it," Faulk said of Maroney, who had offseason shoulder surgery. "The thing about it is that he wants to be that guy for you. He is a competitor.

"Change happens all the time, but I don't see the group being different. Sammy seems like a great guy, so the thing will be finding how we all fit in, seeing what our niche will be as a running back group."

Pete Prisco has JaMarcus Russell at #20 on his list of draft prospects.

Have to chuckle at the response Tommie Harris gave when asked about Lance Briggs. I know reporters have to ask what is going on with the hot topic but come on...go to the source.
"I have talked to Lance, and Lance is doing fine," Harris said during the start of this weekend's Bears Fan Convention. "Lance is downstairs if you guys want to talk to him."

Keeping their backfield stocked, the Jags have re-signed LaBrandon Toefield.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/30/07

The Panthers are talking to reps of both David Carr and Joey Harrington about the backup QB role. Now personally I think David Carr would be the better option but I don't want to see him there. I think the kid can start in this league yet and would like to see him get the chance. If he were to end up in Oakland he would be used to spending time on his back. Maybe the best fit would be in Detroit. Let him hang out behind Kitna if he has to be a backup, the job would eventually be his. The Browns could be an option and they have the weapons. Time will tell. There isn't much talk about him compared to Trent Green with these other teams....shame.

Trent Green's agent says that he has only talked to the Dolphins. Word has been that the Browns and Lions have been in the mix. Sounds like a friend trying to reassure the popular girl that his buddy only wants to hook up with her and isn't scamming other chicks.

Word is that Peyton Manning's monologue was supposed to slam Tom Brady's baby making. It got pulled. Happy to hear it. Getting personal like that would not have been funny to me, although I'm sure some would have found humor in it. I can take Manning pummeling some United Way kids but the jab at Brady would have been too much.

Manning's monologue, told a story about visiting a Boston veterans hospital and being taunted by a Pats fan named Joe O’Malley. “What do Tom Brady and the circus have in common?” Peyton said Joe asked him. “They both have two more rings than you.” According to writer Dan Shanoff, that was not how the joke originally went. In the dress rehearsal, Burlington homegal Amy Poehler was dressed in a Pats jersey and she is the one who delivered the “two more rings than you” line.

To which, Peyton replied “That’s not the ONLY thing he’ll have two more of . . .”

Rumor is that USC's Dwayne Jarrett's snail like 40 time could have him falling to the second round. Poor kid. Getting compared to Mike Williams is like a QB prospect being compared to Tim Couch. (I would have said Ryan Leif but Williams isn't that much of an idiot).

With their lack of moves in free agency it appears the Packers are going to have to draft their RB next month. Chances are they will split with Vernand Morency.

Every year I feel more like the NFL is located in that dance hating town in the movie "Footloose." They are cracking down even more on the celebrations. Falcons GM Rich McKay makes a good point though...
“We were having celebrations on a 3-yard slant play, where the receiver decided to get up and throw the ball 30 yards downfield in celebration of this great achievement,” he said following the vote at the lavish Biltmore Resort. “We just felt like we needed to try to clean that up.”

The Texans are meeting with former UT star D.D. Lewis looking to add more to their LB unit.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Draft Focus/Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson
RB, Oklahoma
6-2, 218

Adrian Peterson had an amazing career at Oklahoma. In his three seasons he ran for 4050 yards with a 5.4 average per carry. In his 31 games (22 starts) he racked up 41 TD's. Fans and the media alike have waited since his Freshman season for this draft to come. His freshman year he was a consensus All-American when he gained 1925 yards rushing. He was on the Heisman watch list for much of the season (at times on top of the list) and got the invite to New York. He came in second in the voting to Matt Leinhart. In 2005 he missed time due to a high ankle sprain but still gained 1108 on the round and another 14 TD's. He was the first runner in Oklahoma history to gain 3000 yards in two seasons. In 2006 a broken collar bone caused him to miss the last seven games of the regular season but he managed to rush for 1012 yards. He finished his college career with 20 carries for 77 yards and 2 TD's in the thrilling Fiesta Bowl loss to Boise State.

On the upside Peterson shows great balance and an amazing ability to find holes and get through them. He is built solid all the way around and can go around or through defenders, choose your poison. Peterson showed his commitment when he had an impressive combine workout despite learning of his half-brothers murder hours before.

There are obvious injury concerns. Peterson must learn to protect his body with his injury history. He must learn to protect the ball as well (17 fumbles).

Adrian has been compared to Eddie George and Deuce McCallister. He is a punishing back that has speed to get away as well.

With a great Combine workout behind him, Peterson continued to shine at the Oklahoma Pro Day.

"Adrian is a terrific talent,' Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage told Sooner Sports.
'He caught the ball well... and showed some versatility. At the
combine, he double-caught some balls. It put some people's mind at ease
that he caught it better [during his Pro Day]."

When asked about
his draft status, Peterson said: "Right now, there are a lot of things
going on with trades and players jumping teams. Right now, I'm just
trying to make everything less stressful on me and just relax."

Who wants him? Peterson is likely going to be a victim of needs by the teams picking. He has been projected to fall anywhere from #3 to the Browns all the way to #12 with the Bills. The Texans and Falcons are mentioned around the league as well as teams that may bite.

Fantasy Outlook: Depending on here he falls in the NFL Draft, Peterson will likely be the #1 rookie in most fantasy drafts. The only rookies that threaten his fantasy stock are Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch. If he is named the starter where he lands he should easily be the first rookie selected.

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NFL Jabber 3/29/07

Levi Jones is finally giving his take on what happened in Vegas with Joey Porter on the Bengals website.

"One versus seven, six from behind,'' Jones told the website. 'The police report came out and told the truth. Joey Porter did not kick Levi Jones' [butt]. Basically what he did was walk up to me, get my attention talking trash while his boys jumped me from behind. They plotted the thing. He was shooting craps. I was playing blackjack. He saw me, there was no exchange before he just came up on me.''

Browns GM Phil Savage is trying real hard to act not interested in JaMarcus Russell. He reportedly asked one member of the media to stop linking the Browns to Russell. Hmmmmm...

Speaking of The Browns and QB...apparently Savage talked with Chiefs GM Carl Peterson yesterday about Trent Green.
“We agreed to talk some more later this week or the first of next week,” Peterson said. “He said he wants to talk some more with his head coach and his offensive coordinator. But he did ask whether this thing was over with. I said, ‘No, not at all.’

“Cleveland would make sense to me because Trent played very well against them last year.”

Rod Marinelli is putting a focus on character with this years top choice. Isn't that the PC thing to say with Pacman and Chris Henry's trip to the Principles office all over the news?

"When you bring somebody in at that level, that's a lot," the Lions coach said Wednesday. "You know them as a player. That's not good enough. The guy can't have holes. The No. 1 thing we look at right now is character."

After throwing a little tantrum about going to Denver, and talks of a trade, Dre Bly came to a deal with the team. He agreed in principle to a five-year deal yesterday.

Micky Loomis is reaping the benefits of the Saints turnaround season. He won The Sporting News' George Young NFL Executive of the Year Award yesterday.

"It's special to be recognized by your peers," said Loomis, the Saints' executive vice president/general manager who also won the Pro Football Writers Executive of the Year award this year. "I just stood on the shoulders of a lot of people in our building who did a remarkable job during the last 19 months under difficult circumstances.

"I want to thank Tom Benson for giving me the opportunity to work with the Saints and for giving us the resources we needed. And I want to thank Sean Payton for the coaching job he did, but I'm a little more grateful for the courage he showed in accepting the job when we were coming off a 3-13 season and when we didn't know where we'd play or how livable our city was."

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/28/07

Mike Tomlin gives an example of his aggressiveness to the class by humiliating an airline employee that had it coming. After dealing with the airline over the phone regarding his lost bag and getting nowhere, Tomlin headed to the airport to do a little schooling.

"I get over there, and they tell me the bag is not there," Tomlin was saying at breakfast yesterday morning. "I said, 'I've been talking to your call center all weekend, and they said the bag is here.'

"They said, 'I don't care what they told you on the 1-800 number, your bag isn't here.' "

He was offered a $25 voucher on his next flight for his troubles.

"Well, somewhere during the conversation, I see my bag behind her in a pile," Tomlin said. "I said, 'That's my bag!' She said, 'Sir, your bag's not here, the computer says'... I said 'I understand what the computer says, but I'm looking at my bag! It's a black bag, Pittsburgh Steelers. It's my bag.'

"So, I walk around the counter and at that point, she started to get mad. I pulled the tag off and showed her it was my bag. I had to dig it out myself."

Frank Gore got new five-year deal in San Fran.

Manny Arora, the attorney for Pacman Jones is asking to see some evidence that proves his client should be charged with the felony that police are asking for in Vegas.
"My experience tells me if they would have been independent witnesses with a good recollection and no sort of bone to pick that they (police) would have acted on this weeks ago," Arora said.

Howard Bryant and Mark Maske of The Washington Post report that the Skins are being quiet on the Mr. Briggs goes to Washington talk. If John Clayton at ESPN is correct it could be sour grapes.If the trade did go through it would make for quite a change win the LB's in D.C. Briggs and London Fletcher would make for a scary pair. It's being brushed off as rumors by the skins.
"Right now, it's just a bunch of stuff that got thrown around" Monday, said Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs, interviewed yesterday at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. "Just a bunch of rumors."

The Cardinals and Bengals were the only two teams to vote to get rid of Instant Replay. Regardless it was revealed on the last episode that the Zebra have the hidden immunity idol.

Chris Henry is doing his part to make sure that the Bengals are not upstage on The Police Beat.

Coach Kiffen comments on the luxury of the #1 pick and compares the top two QB's.

"With JaMarcus, you have somebody -- it's like a video game," Kiffin said. "That's what I tell our guys. There isn't a throw he can't make, probably. The throws he can make, I don't know if anybody else can. He can go way over there and throw the ball 70 yards back over there. That's really exciting and everything. How many times does that happen in a year? About two in 16 games. While that aspect is fun, you've got to dig deeper. That doesn't happen much. That's a scout's dream, to have a guy like that."

On Quinn...

"He's fun to watch in that situation, when they're down and he's bringing them back," Kiffin said. "He's a big-time competitor. He's fun. I've had some discussions with him.He's extremely intelligent. I'm really excited about Brady, and I like him a lot."

The Lions are jumping in the the Trent Green trade talks. That would shake things up once again in the draft given they are projected in many places to take Brady Quinn.

Mike Shanahan is chipper these days, at least he showed that when talking to the press yesterday. He covered many topics while at the meetings in Phoenix. While some questioned the Broncos signing Travis Henry when Willis McGahee and Thomas Jones were out there, Coach was high on him all along.

"Two of the guys you first mentioned there were draft choices involved. So you want to give draft choices away for a guy you can get free, that you might like more? I really thought Travis Henry was the MVP of (the Titans), that's what I thought. . . . You were able to sign a guy and not lose a draft choice. It's like getting a first rounder."

Could it be Houston fans? Could the Texans finally be looking to land a tackle in the first round? Rumor has it...
"There's a good chance; it depends on who's out there," Kubiak said about the possibility of selecting an offensive tackle first. "We have to continue to improve up there."

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


What's missing from this picture? The NFC East has goose eggs all around! Keeping with the East Coast theme...the AFC East would have a score of Zero as well if Joey Porter could handle losing at Black Jack better.

To get a list of the Police Beat click HERE to go to PFT.
Miami 3
Cincinnati 14
Pittsburgh 3
AFC South
Tennessee 30
Jacksonville 20
Indianapolis 6
Oakland 7
Denver 6
San Diego 2
Kansas City 1
NFC North
Chicago 1
NFC South
New Orleans 10
Atlanta 7
Carolina 6
NFC West
St. Louis 3
Arizona 3
Turd Watch is a device for
tracking and publicizing player arrests and convictions. Though some
might find the name to be unpleasant, NFL scouts, coaches, players, and
agents commonly use the term "turd" in reference to guys who are,
well, turds.

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NFL Jabber 3/27/07

Marshall Faulk concedes that his body just can't do it anymore and officially retires. Heck of a career, huh?

"A very good friend of mind told me, 'There's not that many 34-year-old running backs that come back to play,''' Faulk recalled Monday. "I started thinking about it. It's a tough position to play."
"The (competitive) instinct, it never goes away," Faulk said. "That fire never dies. But in my training — where I wanted to be, how I wanted to feel — those things weren't coming around as fast as I wanted them to."
"If I felt like there was any doubt that I could finish a season, then I shouldn't go out," Faulk said. "Because I would not only be cheating myself, I'd be cheating other guys on that team that were depending on me to do a job. If I couldn't accomplish the task, why even start it?"

Vegas police asked the D.A. to file three charges on Pacman Jones for the Vegas strip club fiasco (hard to keep track of which fiasco).

Browns G.M. Phil Savage says they will take a pass on all the vet QB's available.
"I think we're content with what we're doing, to stay with the direction we're going," Savage said. "We've got six weeks of off-season conditioning and [organized] programs. Chud's putting the offense in, meeting with the quarterbacks, along with [assistant head coach] Rip Scherer. So I think we'll have a pretty good gauge of the two primary competitors, Charlie and Derek, by the time we get to the draft."

The Saints and the Colts will open the 2007 season in Indy on Thursday night.
"The Colts are the Super Bowl champions and New Orleans obviously was a terrific story on and off the field for the league," commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday at the NFL meetings. "We felt it's a great game to highlight during the 2007 season."

The Cardinals and 49'ers will play the second game of a MFL double header to open the season.

Bengals and Ravens will play in the early game.

The Lions DT Shaun Rogers decided to show up for work.

The Redskins are expected to make a move for Bears LB Lance Briggs.

The Eagles got LB Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb from the Bills for DT Darwin Walker and a draft pick next year.

Green Bay Coach, Mike McCarthy doesn't understand all the negative talk around Aaron Rodgers.
"I don't understand and really care, because I don't know where it's being generated from, but the negativity toward Aaron Rodgers . . . usually your backup quarterback is on scholarship for a couple years and everyone loves him," McCarthy said. "For whatever reason, he's had a couple situations where people are trying to get after him. I've been in the position before with young quarterbacks. I'm very pleased where he's at right now. He's getting better."

Jon Gruden is happy with the Bucs offseason and is throwing out the smokescreen that they may move up and select a QB in the draft.

"Our offseason is just beginning, really,’’ said Gruden, coming off a 4-12 season that saw the Bucs tumble from first to last in the NFC South. ‘’We’ve still got the draft and some unattended business, but we’ve got some players in here that we know can play. It’s exciting to have a Jeff Garcia here. Luke Petitgout is a guy who has played left tackle and Cato June is a good football player. Kevin Carter can play a lot of positions and B.J. Askew is an interesting guy. It was nice to sit in quarterback school last week with a healthy Chris Simms, a Bruce Gradkowski, who has played 13 games in this league, plus a veteran guy we like. We’re excited about our quarterback situation, plus we’ve got Jake Plummer to talk about. We’ll see what happens there.’’

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Steeler Nation Getting some Props

This was taken from a bulletin in TINO's inbox at MySpace.

"Steelers Fans:

Below is a message forwarded to by Steeler Fans United... This is a message from Keith Cossrow, the gentleman who wrote and directed the NFL Films documentary on Steeler fans that came out a few months back. It has been nominated for an EMMY AWARD!!!!! PLEASE FORWARD THIS INCREDIBLE NEWS ON TO ALL STEELER CONTACTS AND BE PROUD THAT YOU ARE A STEELER FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings. Just wanted to pass along word that 'Steeler Nation' got nominated for a National Sports Emmy this morning in the category of "Best Edited Special." Pretty good stuff. Thanks for everything, and please pass along our gratitude to everyone in the Nation who participated.
These are the real Emmy's. But they have a separate ceremony for all the sports shows. This is where Bob Costas and people like that win their awards. We get nominated for several every year, but Steeler Nation is a very pleasant surprise and especially meaningful to me. Here's the link:

Keith Cossrow

Below is a link to the video if you have not already seen this wonderful masterpiece!!!"
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NFL Jabber 3/26/07

Ron Jaworski can be moving up from the Arena League to NFL this year after Joe Theisman gets the boot from MFL.

Dexter Reid hits the trifecta. (1)Pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving with (2)pot and a (3)gun in the car.

Bengals President Mike Brown shoots down trade rumors for Takeo Spikes.

"We have a high regard for Takeo. But our (salary) cap room does not allow for a deal of the magnitude necessary to trade for him," Bengals president Mike Brown said.

The Lions have a dilemma with the #2 pick. Keep it, trade it? You can be sure they will be working it at the NFL's annual meetings. Meanwhile the Lions signed former Raven guard, Edwin Mulitalo (fun to say, isn't it?).

Word is the Chiefs are asking for a 2nd round pick and an undetermined pick for Trent Green. The Dolphins are not moving. Risky move considering they will likely cut Green if they can't trade him and David Carr is also being sniffed around by the Fins.

Mike Tomlin is putting the smackdown on distractions in steeltown.
"I want to eliminate the variables that don't matter," said Tomlin, attending his first league-wide meeting. "That's what the great teams do more than anything else -- they show up, and they play the game. That's a culture. It's not something that happens week in and week out. It's a culture that defines that kind of atmosphere."

The Falcons have contacted Tim Rattay about the backing up Mike Vick.

New Orleans is out of the race to host the 2011 Super Bowl. On a brighter note, state officials reached an agreement with the Saints to keep them in town at least that long.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peyton Manning cussing some kids on SNL (Video)

I have not made it a point to catch SNL is quite sometime last night. I wish I would have caught Peyton Manning's episode last night. The Poking fun at his football family in the monologue and ridiculing some kids he is coaching in the following segment.

"She never made it to the NFL," Manning said, feigning disgust. "Didn't have what it took. Got cut by the Dolphins, tried Canada for a bit. She's a real disappointment for all of us."

Following Manning's monologue, the scene switched to a filmed segment in which Manning is shown coaching a group of children.

In these great days of YouTube, we can view it right here! This just cracks me up!

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NFL Jabber 3/25/07

The Rams have a one-year deal with CB Lenny Walls.

Willis McGahee is impressing people already just by being in the US in March.

Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad of The Star Tribune report that Viking fans are getting a little pissy with how the organization is moving. Bob Lurtsema is getting it from all angles.

"I have never seen so much discontent from Minnesota Vikings fans," said Lurtsema, who joined the team in 1972 and has been the team's unofficial ambassador for some 30 years."So many people are telling me they have no confidence in what the organization is doing," Lurtsema added. "They're saying, 'I give up. I'm not renewing my season tickets. I don't know if I can support this team anymore."

Bill Belichick would be for a rule change when overtime is the question.

"Football is a game that is played to the final gun,"said Belichick.
"There is a lot of strategy at the end of the game -- you're protecting a lead, conserving time to get the ball back, and that all gets eliminated from the game in overtime. The way it is now, you're playing for field position and the score, and you lose that end-of-game strategy. I think that strategy is part of the intrigue that football brings."

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Draft Focus/Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn
QB, Notre Dame
6-3 3/4-232
40-Did not run at combine...4.82 and 4.73 at Pro Day 3/22/07
<span class=

Brady Quinn had a 57.8% completion percentage, 95 TD's to 39 INT's as a four -year starter at Notre Dame. He holds countless passing records at the school as he heads into the NFL draft. Going into the 2006 season he was touted as the Golden Boy of college football. The Irish were ranked #3 in the preseason by USA today and the A.P. poll. Quinn was one of the favorites for the Heisman. The season ended with critics wondering if Quinn could win "The Big Game" with back to back loses to rival USC and to LSU in the Sugar Bowl (where Quinn was shown up by draft rival JaMarcus Russell). Quinn had his worst showing of the season in the game going 15 of 35 for 149 yards, 2 each on picks and TD's. The Irish were called the most overrated team in college football and many questioned if they should have even been in a BCS game.

Quinn has been labeled as this years QB that is most ready for the Pro's, this years version of Matt Leinhart. His experience in the Pro system used at Notre Dame is a big plus. He has prototypical QB size for the NFL and his strength makes him hard to bring down. Intelligent and durable. Quinn has shown that he can scramble as needed. he does not have the freak speed or arm you see in the QB's that get talked up but is going to be a top pro QB.

Accuracy has been an issue at times but has improved over the years. Some fear that he may have been a product of the system the Irish use. he did not live up to the hype of his senior season. going 0-4 against rival USC will haunt him for years.

Quinn is compared to Tom Brady. Could be because of the Weis system.

His first Pro Day he did not run because of his knee. He did however throw up 225 lbs on the bench press for 24 reps.

"We threw everything people wanted to see," Irish coach
Charlie Weis said. "We put him through every throw that any NFL
organization would want to see -- from moving in the pocket, to
moving from the pocket, to three-step, to five-step to seven-step.
I think now they have enough information to make a critical
evaluation, if they didn't have enough on tape already."

Vikings Coach Brad Chidress was one of the spectators.

"Really, he made more throws here than you'd think about making
at the combine," Childress said. "I think he threw about 60 balls
here today and it takes a little bit of endurance to be able to do
that and he did it pretty rapid-fire succession."

Who wants Brady Quinn? Quinn is all over the board bu should not fall far. That was likely said about Matt Leinhart last year as well though. The Raiders are at #1 and although all signs point to JaMarcus Russell or Calvin Johnson, you never know. Most speculation points to the Lions at #2. Then there is the Browns and Vikings. There may be some movement up the ladder in however wants him the most. The Dolphins have been in the mix of rumors as well but appear now to be focused on Trent Green and David Carr.

Fantasy Outlook: Quinn can have an immediate fantasy impact if he goes anywhere other than Oakland. He will likely fly off the board in the first 4-5 picks in Dynasty drafts. In re-draft leagues he will make a nice bye week filler or injury replacement if he is his teams starter. Could prove to be quite the sleeper mid to late season.

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NFL Jabber 3/24/07

Sounds like Joey Porter may still be tough after all. The other guys didn't jump Jones until after Porter clocked him little chance to retaliate. Sounds like Jones buddy that was near by must have been on a hot slot machine. He witnessed it but doesn't sound like he helped. Ding, ding, ding, ding,

This isn't your early 2000's Texans anymore. Not long ago the team was "new." They turned a major corner by letting David Carr walk, he has been the face of the franchise since day one. Dominic Williams (Davis) will be cut June 1. Coach was given the boot last year. Matt Schaub and Ahman Green have already been named starters at their skill positions. Time will tell if all the changes will mean anything...

Rumors fly about the Lions #2 pick being for sale.

Trading Al Wilson is going to be a pain in the neck for the Broncos...okay, sorry, that was bad. Wilson's neck problems are holding things up for a trade to the Giants.

FB Terrell Smith passed on the Packers and signed with the Cards.

Ken Hamlin is going to be joining Roy Williams in the Cowboys defensive backfield.

Something not brought up too often yet but makes sense...what about Culpepper to the Raiders? His career is on the downside, he has a big arm. He has Raiders QB written all over him!

How many QB's can you fit in the state o Florida? The Dolphins already have Culpepper and Cleo Lemon on the roster. Now it looks like the trade for Trent Green is going to go through...and David Carr is on the radar. Sounds like a Tampa story except nobody is threatening to quit.

Speaking of Green, reports are that he wants to go to the Chiefs.

The Falcons have signed Chris Redman to back up Michael Vick.

The Seahawks will be keeping Bobby Engram on the squad.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Video of Porter Vs. Jones could be coming to a YouTube near you

If this is released it will just be a matter of time before it is on YouTube. As many as seven men? Porter may have to use his gift for gab to convince people he is as tough as he portrays himself.
Geoff Hobson of
reports that police are expected
to release videotape
of the Las Vegas fight between Dolphins linebacker Joey
Porter and Bengals left tackle Levi Jones. The video could corroborate
reports that Jones was attacked by as many as seven men.
Hobson also reports that two
chains taken from Jones during the incident were anonymously returned to the
Palms Casino.
Porter was charged with
misdemeanor battery. No charges were filed against Jones.

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