Saturday, March 24, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/24/07

Sounds like Joey Porter may still be tough after all. The other guys didn't jump Jones until after Porter clocked him little chance to retaliate. Sounds like Jones buddy that was near by must have been on a hot slot machine. He witnessed it but doesn't sound like he helped. Ding, ding, ding, ding,

This isn't your early 2000's Texans anymore. Not long ago the team was "new." They turned a major corner by letting David Carr walk, he has been the face of the franchise since day one. Dominic Williams (Davis) will be cut June 1. Coach was given the boot last year. Matt Schaub and Ahman Green have already been named starters at their skill positions. Time will tell if all the changes will mean anything...

Rumors fly about the Lions #2 pick being for sale.

Trading Al Wilson is going to be a pain in the neck for the Broncos...okay, sorry, that was bad. Wilson's neck problems are holding things up for a trade to the Giants.

FB Terrell Smith passed on the Packers and signed with the Cards.

Ken Hamlin is going to be joining Roy Williams in the Cowboys defensive backfield.

Something not brought up too often yet but makes sense...what about Culpepper to the Raiders? His career is on the downside, he has a big arm. He has Raiders QB written all over him!

How many QB's can you fit in the state o Florida? The Dolphins already have Culpepper and Cleo Lemon on the roster. Now it looks like the trade for Trent Green is going to go through...and David Carr is on the radar. Sounds like a Tampa story except nobody is threatening to quit.

Speaking of Green, reports are that he wants to go to the Chiefs.

The Falcons have signed Chris Redman to back up Michael Vick.

The Seahawks will be keeping Bobby Engram on the squad.

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