Friday, March 30, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/30/07

The Panthers are talking to reps of both David Carr and Joey Harrington about the backup QB role. Now personally I think David Carr would be the better option but I don't want to see him there. I think the kid can start in this league yet and would like to see him get the chance. If he were to end up in Oakland he would be used to spending time on his back. Maybe the best fit would be in Detroit. Let him hang out behind Kitna if he has to be a backup, the job would eventually be his. The Browns could be an option and they have the weapons. Time will tell. There isn't much talk about him compared to Trent Green with these other teams....shame.

Trent Green's agent says that he has only talked to the Dolphins. Word has been that the Browns and Lions have been in the mix. Sounds like a friend trying to reassure the popular girl that his buddy only wants to hook up with her and isn't scamming other chicks.

Word is that Peyton Manning's monologue was supposed to slam Tom Brady's baby making. It got pulled. Happy to hear it. Getting personal like that would not have been funny to me, although I'm sure some would have found humor in it. I can take Manning pummeling some United Way kids but the jab at Brady would have been too much.

Manning's monologue, told a story about visiting a Boston veterans hospital and being taunted by a Pats fan named Joe O’Malley. “What do Tom Brady and the circus have in common?” Peyton said Joe asked him. “They both have two more rings than you.” According to writer Dan Shanoff, that was not how the joke originally went. In the dress rehearsal, Burlington homegal Amy Poehler was dressed in a Pats jersey and she is the one who delivered the “two more rings than you” line.

To which, Peyton replied “That’s not the ONLY thing he’ll have two more of . . .”

Rumor is that USC's Dwayne Jarrett's snail like 40 time could have him falling to the second round. Poor kid. Getting compared to Mike Williams is like a QB prospect being compared to Tim Couch. (I would have said Ryan Leif but Williams isn't that much of an idiot).

With their lack of moves in free agency it appears the Packers are going to have to draft their RB next month. Chances are they will split with Vernand Morency.

Every year I feel more like the NFL is located in that dance hating town in the movie "Footloose." They are cracking down even more on the celebrations. Falcons GM Rich McKay makes a good point though...
“We were having celebrations on a 3-yard slant play, where the receiver decided to get up and throw the ball 30 yards downfield in celebration of this great achievement,” he said following the vote at the lavish Biltmore Resort. “We just felt like we needed to try to clean that up.”

The Texans are meeting with former UT star D.D. Lewis looking to add more to their LB unit.

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