Wednesday, March 7, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/7/07

What a difference a year makes. Last year a free agent coming into New Orleans would be faced with the thought of going to a historically losing team, and the post-Katrina stuff. After the 2007 season it looks more appealing. Ask LB, Brian Simmons. "I wanted to go somewhere that had what I call some stabilizing forces, one being the head coach and one being the quarterback. They certainly have that here," said Simmons, who spent his first nine seasons in Cincinnati before being released in a salary-cap move last week. "I'm excited about the team as a whole. I was excited by my meeting with the coach and impressed by the general manager. Plus, I'm from North Carolina. I've been up north for nine years, and I was excited to be back down south."

The Bills look serious about getting Willis McGahee out of town. Dominic Rhoads has been in for a visit and Chris Brown of the Titans is on the list.

Brown is also making a trip to Green Bay.

The Texans brought in Patrick Ramsey, QB, and Saints LB Danny Clark on Tuesday. Clark says he would be concentrating on being a starter in Houston...maybe he should always do that and he would have the job.

Pats TE, Daniel Graham is heading to the Mile High City.

Sounds as if the Bears are not giving up ground with Lance Briggs. "We have his rights, so he's on our football team," Angelo said Tuesday during a conference call to discuss the trade of leading rusher Thomas Jones to the New York Jets. We feel that we're treating him very good. That's a lot of money he's making on a one year-deal. The strain really comes to us in terms of our cap and what we have to do for a one-year deal."

Jamal Lewis returning to Baltimore is looking less likely. The ravens are thinking McGahee trade, Lewis has meeting with the Browns. "At this point, I'm less optimistic than I was last week," Lewis' agent, Mitch Frankel, said yesterday.

CB Dre Bly is pouting that he would rather play for the Skins than the Broncos.

The Dolphins have been called about trading for Trent Green.

Despite rumors that Donte Stallworth had a deal with the Pats, he is meeting with the Titans today.

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