Friday, March 2, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/2/07

Yes! Free Agency has begun...things are happening. Let's have a look around the league, shall we?

In what some call a crazy move by the Steelers, Joey Porter was let go.

Joey Porter is known for his mouth as much as his play. HERE are some quotes from his past.

The Bills are looking to trade LB Takio Spikes.

Lovie doesn't seem as chipper as some think he should be after cashing in.

The Saints didn't feel Joe Horn was worth $5.5 Million and let him walk.

The Bucs are looking for a vet QB, names coming up? Plummer, Garcia, Brooks, and that former Buc Johnson.

Fred Taylor appears to be finishing his career in Jax.

Broncos, Seahawks, Niners, and Browns were the most aggressive in getting on the phone at 12:01am when free agency began.

The Broncos-Lions trade of Tatum Bell and George Foster for Dre' Bly opens some doors for the Lions on draft day.

The ravens have made offers to all three of their Restricted Free Agents.

The Bengals are looking to sign at home before looking on the outside.

Bill Parcells is joining the ESPN NFL squad.

The Chiefs have four starters looking for a new home.

The Dolphins plan to be cautious in Free Agency according to GM Randy Mueller. "Our plan probably is, we need quantity over quality,'' Mueller said at last week's NFL combine. ``Don't take that the wrong way.''

The Vikings have given the boot to Fred Smoot, Jermaine Wiggens, and Mike Rosenthal. Rams WR Kevin Curtis is set for a visit.

There are already four teams calling Daniel Graham, free agent TE of the Patriots.

The first call San Diego Guard, Kris Dielman made after midnight was to the Seahawks. Seattle Post Intelligencer says, "One scout at the NFL scouting combine last week labeled the 6-foot-4, 310-pound Dielman "a mauler who plays with a mean streak." Sound familiar? Those are two of the components that help set Hutchinson apart".

The Titans have let TE Erin Kinney walk. "We want to thank Erron for his play through the years, and I think he understood where we were coming from with this move," Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said. Awwwwww.

The Skins are looking at London Fletcher and Fred Smoot.

Dan Morgan has agreed to restructure his deal. Jake Delhomme and Mike Rucker have already done so.

The Bengals Free Agent Lineman, Eric Steinbach is visiting the Browns, who could really use the help on the line.

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