Thursday, March 8, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/8/07

Patrick Ramsey won't be getting sacked in Houston, he is going to Denver. With all the QB's being pursued by The Texans, David Carr's days have to be numbered.

Corey Dillon is going to meet with the Bills.

Eric Johnson is pumped to be a Saint. "I took one visit, just to New Orleans," Johnson said from the lobby of the Windsor Court Hotel on Wednesday night. "I liked what I saw. I really love the team. I like what Coach (Sean) Payton has to say. I'm really excited to be here."

Chris Simms says he isn't surprised the Bucs went QB happy. "I wasn't entirely shocked [by the Garcia signing]," Simms said Wednesday during an interview with ESPN Radio host Dan Patrick. "I know Coach [Jon] Gruden and the way he is and the way this league is."

Just thinking...How scary is the Dolphins D with just the addition of Joey Porter? ``Everybody is well aware of how high that Zach [Thomas] and Jason [Taylor] set the bar, and I think that we just acquired another guy who does the same thing.''

Bobby Wade is the new WR in Minny. The former Bear and Titan got five years, $15 million. Not bad for a guy who averaged about 25 catches over four years.

Raiders WR Jerry Porter is pretending last season never happened. "Last season never happened for me, so I don't even remember it and can't even talk about it," Porter said in a 25-minute interview on Sirius Radio. "This year, we've got an offensive-minded coach, a nice, bright, young guy. He's coming in, willing to work hard; I'm willing to work with him. We got a lot of things in place. We need a lot of help, but we've got a good start."

With all the loses to free agency Jeff Fisher is telling Titan fans not to panic. "It is really pretty simple,'' Fisher said. "It is subtraction and it is addition. So when you're down three, people are saying, 'What are you doing?' The perception may be we are spinning our wheels and we're getting caught off-guard here. Well, that is not the case. We have a plan.''

Marques Tuiasosopo is the latest QB being pursued by the Panthers.

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