Monday, March 26, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/26/07

Ron Jaworski can be moving up from the Arena League to NFL this year after Joe Theisman gets the boot from MFL.

Dexter Reid hits the trifecta. (1)Pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving with (2)pot and a (3)gun in the car.

Bengals President Mike Brown shoots down trade rumors for Takeo Spikes.

"We have a high regard for Takeo. But our (salary) cap room does not allow for a deal of the magnitude necessary to trade for him," Bengals president Mike Brown said.

The Lions have a dilemma with the #2 pick. Keep it, trade it? You can be sure they will be working it at the NFL's annual meetings. Meanwhile the Lions signed former Raven guard, Edwin Mulitalo (fun to say, isn't it?).

Word is the Chiefs are asking for a 2nd round pick and an undetermined pick for Trent Green. The Dolphins are not moving. Risky move considering they will likely cut Green if they can't trade him and David Carr is also being sniffed around by the Fins.

Mike Tomlin is putting the smackdown on distractions in steeltown.
"I want to eliminate the variables that don't matter," said Tomlin, attending his first league-wide meeting. "That's what the great teams do more than anything else -- they show up, and they play the game. That's a culture. It's not something that happens week in and week out. It's a culture that defines that kind of atmosphere."

The Falcons have contacted Tim Rattay about the backing up Mike Vick.

New Orleans is out of the race to host the 2011 Super Bowl. On a brighter note, state officials reached an agreement with the Saints to keep them in town at least that long.

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