Saturday, March 31, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/31/07

Michael Turner is on the list of some teams for RB. The Packers and Bills have been mentioned. Now the Titans are showing interest. The Chargers may get a hell of a payday for their backup RB.

Kevin Faulk has no doubt that he and Lawrence Maroney can carry the load in New England.

"If he has to take more of the load, there is no doubt in my mind he can do it," Faulk said of Maroney, who had offseason shoulder surgery. "The thing about it is that he wants to be that guy for you. He is a competitor.

"Change happens all the time, but I don't see the group being different. Sammy seems like a great guy, so the thing will be finding how we all fit in, seeing what our niche will be as a running back group."

Pete Prisco has JaMarcus Russell at #20 on his list of draft prospects.

Have to chuckle at the response Tommie Harris gave when asked about Lance Briggs. I know reporters have to ask what is going on with the hot topic but come on...go to the source.
"I have talked to Lance, and Lance is doing fine," Harris said during the start of this weekend's Bears Fan Convention. "Lance is downstairs if you guys want to talk to him."

Keeping their backfield stocked, the Jags have re-signed LaBrandon Toefield.

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