Saturday, March 17, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/17/07

Daisy the Dairy Cow would beat Matt Leinhart in a class president vote at Navajo Elementary School.

Some NFL players really are good boys. "Everyone hears about the Warrick Dunns and Peyton Mannings, somebody was there to give them some type of inspiration and some type of guidance," Mo Lewis said recently.

"Not every athlete out there has that. They might have been misled, but they ended up going straight. What we are trying to be is the program to be there for those athletes."

Tank Johnson's booking photo Some are not. Tank Johnson joined Randy Ford and 100 other inmates going into the CookCounty jail.
"People was hollering his name, saying, 'Tank why don't you bond us out. Why didn't you win the Super Bowl?," Ford said.

Cheesburger Dayne will be staying in Houston.

The Saints are still planning to meet with Kennan McCardell.

The Bucs apparently are concerned more about what Charles Grant is thinking in the middle of the night than giving him a contract.
"We never intended to discuss a contract with him," Bucs general manager Bruce Allen said of Grant. "We talked about his dreams and discussed his options. We obviously have a leg up on our competition."

The draft is so shallow at RB this year that Michael Bush and his broken leg can still go in the first round.

DT Ian Scott left Minny without a contract.

Justin Gage is the newest WR with the Titans.
"Justin is a big, physical and athletic receiver who has a good deal of playing experience with the Bears," Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said. "He gives us a different body type and he will compete for a role with our receiving corps."

Former Bronco owner Edgar Kaiser Jr. is not having any luck trying to bully his way back into the teams ownership.

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