Sunday, March 25, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/25/07

The Rams have a one-year deal with CB Lenny Walls.

Willis McGahee is impressing people already just by being in the US in March.

Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad of The Star Tribune report that Viking fans are getting a little pissy with how the organization is moving. Bob Lurtsema is getting it from all angles.

"I have never seen so much discontent from Minnesota Vikings fans," said Lurtsema, who joined the team in 1972 and has been the team's unofficial ambassador for some 30 years."So many people are telling me they have no confidence in what the organization is doing," Lurtsema added. "They're saying, 'I give up. I'm not renewing my season tickets. I don't know if I can support this team anymore."

Bill Belichick would be for a rule change when overtime is the question.

"Football is a game that is played to the final gun,"said Belichick.
"There is a lot of strategy at the end of the game -- you're protecting a lead, conserving time to get the ball back, and that all gets eliminated from the game in overtime. The way it is now, you're playing for field position and the score, and you lose that end-of-game strategy. I think that strategy is part of the intrigue that football brings."

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