Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Year In Fantasy Land/Quest to Repeat Pt. 1

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*This is the first installment in a series of articles that will chronicle my fantasy football season in the hopes of a repeat Championship.

I was with my brother at The Arena in East Dubuque, Ill watching the Saints demolish the Giants. I looked over at another TV and see Steven Jackson just ran in the winning score in overtime over the Washington Redskins. Jackson put up 252 total yards with a couple of TD's. That was good for 38.2 points in the first TUDL Championship game. It was time to make the call. Rich had to hear about

My championship run was unlikely the way the season ended. I lost two in a row to end the season and fell out of the top spot in my division. I would end up with the 4th seed in a wildcard spot. I could not have had much better opponents in the playoffs. Rivalries make it sweet.

Round One
In the first round I put away "Football Joe." Our rivalry is not a long one, this was our first year playing together and Joe is one of those guys that make our game fun. Always ribbing and talking the smack without crossing the line. Score 201-190.4. A win for me.

Round Two
I have owned my friend Byron in many leagues over the years. I think his wife could cheat on him the same Sunday we play each other and he would be more bothered by the fact that I just beat him again. Score 214.3 to 145.9. A win for me, a night of Byron's wife trying to get him to get out of the fetal position on the living room floor and come to bed.

Championship Game
Rich and I go back to the 2nd grade. My fantasy nemesis and I have been playing each other for years. I have said the last couple of years that I liked him better when he didn't know anything. He has really raised his fantasy football game. Not enough however as my Round Rock Bullz put him away, 220.9 to 147.1. Being able to make that phone call was like raising the Lombardi. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be pitted against and rub his face into a muddy fantasy football field.

That brings us to the present. I was thinking recently about how it would be kind of fun to chronicle a year of fantasy football. What better time than following a title run? Hey, I have a platform to do that right here! If I succeed in winning another title I will have a link to email everyone in the league for years to come as well.

I'm a fantasy football junkie. My wife calls herself a football widow and I would agree. In the time we have been together it has gotten worse (for her, better for me) . It was only a matter of time before I was in fantasy leagues that went year round. The league, TINO Ultimate Dynasty League is a year round dynasty league (hence the name) that uses Individual Defensive Players as well as the common offensive lineup. Twelve teams with a good group of owners. The most competitive league I think I have ever been in.

The offseason is broke down into various stages. There are a couple free agent bids before Restricted Free Agency in April, then the rookie draft in early May. Of course there are trades and offers along the way and will have to post some thoughts after the fact as to not give away the winning formula to my foes. Come back and join me...

Next up...Two waves of free agency and trades before rookie draft prep.

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