Saturday, March 3, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/3/07

The Bears are looking for help to pay Lovie, they are raising ticket prices.

After time time to think, The Times-Picayune says Joe Horn is getting a grip on Saints not needing him. "I respect Sean Payton, and I respect his feelings," he said later at a noon, bid-New-Orleans-adieu news conference in front of local media, which didn't include The Times-Picayune. "I believe the door is still open. To take a pay cut would have been fine with me," Horn said at the media gathering, trying to squash the notion that his separation from the Saints was all about money. He was due $5.55 million in salary and bonus this season.

After Plummer fiasco, Tampa is close to signing Jeff Garcia.

The Jags boosted their O-Line with Ravens Tackle, Tony Pashos.

The Browns signed Guard Eric Steinbach to a huge $49.5 million deal.

The Niners have signed the top CB, Nate Clements to a 8 year, $80 million deal.

Plummer did play the retirement card. "That's it," said Marilyn Plummer, Jake's mother. "I thought this would happen from the moment the season ended. He needs a break, but I foresee him doing something else. He's a lot like Pat Tillman. Pat would do something unexpected. Jake used to say, 'I wonder what Pat would have done next.' Jake is a lot like Pat. He has that same rebel soul."

Titans will likely cut Travis Henry.

The Steelers resigned Najeh Davenport.

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