Sunday, March 4, 2007

TINO Says/QB Three Way in Tampa

Let's set up the situation.

Chris Simms "welcomes" some competition for the QB spot coming back from injury in Tampa. Granted, when saying that he may have thought it would be Bruce Gradkowski who is already there. Grad already got benched so it couldn't be that bad.

Jeff Garcia comes off the bench and leads the Eagles to the playoffs. Garcia sees a last chance to get paid and start, decides to to go somewhere else. There is a wounded pup in Tampa...QB guy Coach, his type of offense.

Jake Plummer lost his job in Denver. It was going to happen anyway. They drafted Cutler in the first round and he took over the QB spot midway through 2006. Word comes about of a trade to Tampa. Rather than go to Tampa Plummer says he is going to take his ball and go home.

How does it pan out? Chris Simms gets his competition. Jeff Garcia goes to Tampa to play in the West Coast Offense and gets $5 million, Plummer is traded for a conditional 2008 draft pick, and retires, and we as the voyeur get to watch.

This should make for an interesting offseason. Basically, the Bucs have the rights to Plummer and could still trade him. There could still be time spent on his back in Houston. Garcia gets a jump on checking out the retirement communities in Florida. Chris Simms can get back to carrying a clipboard, which is what he has been best at so far in his career. Bruce Gradkowski? I guess he can get some of his football cards signed.

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