Sunday, March 4, 2007

7 Points in an Arena game?

Alot of regular football fans balk at the Arena league, one of the reasons being the "unrealistic" high scoring. (I want to add here that it IS realistic for Arena football...that's what it is...Arena football).

Laughing stock of a league that gets laughed at. That is what the New York Dragons are in week one.

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Desperados crush Dragons, 60-7
Courtesy: Arena Football League

“This will never happen again,” said Dragons head coach Weylan Harding. “I’m confident about that. It was a hard lesson and we learned early. We’re going to have to fight. Any loss is frustrating, but I’m more than confident that the next time we face them we will be a different group. We’re going to work harder, make a couple of changes and correct the mistakes.”
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