Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More NFL Jabber 3/14/07

Jerry Jones says that the Cowboys are not seeking to trade away RB Julius Jones...Whatever Jerry.

“I don’t see a trade happening,” Jerry Jones said. "We have a team that is going to need some great play from that position. I like what we have done there. More than likely, unless we have an opportunity to (draft a running back), we are going to go with the backs we ended the season with."

The Bucs have been fairly quiet but have visits scheduled with LB Chris Draft and Guard Cooper Carlisle.

The Colts signed a couple today. QB John Navarre and LB Mike Labinjo.

Deion Branch gave Stallworth the thumbs up on New England.
"It's a business and you can't take anything personal that happens in this business," Stallworth said. "[Branch] is an intelligent young man and he understands the business aspect of things. ... Everyone's objective is winning. From that standpoint, I heard nothing but good things about the whole organization, players and coaches."

The Browns gave the boot to FB Terrelle Smith.

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