Saturday, March 10, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/10/07

Jake Plummer is making it official. "I wanted to come in and tell you guys on camera and face-to-face that the speculation can stop tonight," Plummer said from the Denver Athletic Club. "You can know by the looking in my face and hearing my words that I am retiring from the NFL. At 32 years old, I'm running away from the game. Not in fear or fright, but health-wise. I'm healthy. I'm happy. I have a lot to look forward to in my life."

Fans booed the idea of the Packers trading for Randy Moss at the yearly Packer Fan Fest. fans are going as far as calling the office of Chairman and CEO Bob Harlen. "I don't want to say it's been overwhelming, but there have been a few fans who (complained)," Harlan said. "And the thing they basically say to me is, "You guys have so much class. Don't lose class now."

The pictures are out of the new Chargers uniforms that were announced yesterday. i thought there was going to be more powder blue. No sign of the new helmet yet although YAHOO! Sports is saying it is going to be metallic white.

T.J. Duckett is going to Michigan to where he played his college ball. The Lions signed him to a one year deal.

The Fins have made an offer to Donte Stallworth. It has not been accepted at this point.

Willis McGahee made his first public appearance yesterday in Baltimore and used it to bash his old teammates. "My situation wasn't that great in Buffalo," said McGahee, who was flanked by General Manager Ozzie Newsome and Coach Brian Billick. "I thank God for getting the 990 [rushing yards last season] to tell you the truth. If you look at it, I missed two games and was facing nine guys in the box a lot. If you get to a better team with receivers, a quarterback, a line helping out, it's going to be hard to stop everybody."

The Eagles have been fairly quiet. They did sign WR/KR Bethel Johnson but that is about it. I would hope they keep looking at WR because that is not quite the Stallworth replacement they are going to need. Coach Andy Reid is still on his leave of absence.

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