Wednesday, March 21, 2007

PFT Double Trade Down Theory for Detroit

Crazy things happen, this isn't so far fetched. It would be a great deal if the Lions could pull it off, racking up a bunch of picks and still getting Joe Thomas. Or they could even stay at #4 and take Johnson (all WR jokes aside, Johnson is no Rogers or Mike Williams).
There's a theory making the rounds
in league circles that the Detroit Lions could pull off a rare move from the No.
2 overall spot in the draft.
First, there's a belief that the
Lions eventually will trade the pick to the Browns, flip-flopping with Cleveland
the No. 2 and No. 3 selections.  The Browns would use the No. 2 pick to
snare Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.
Second, the Lions would hold an
auction at No. 3 for the rights to receiver Calvin Johnson.  Potential
candidates include the Bucs at No. 4, the Redskins at No. 6, the Vikings at No.
7,  and the Falcons at No. 8.
In theory, the Lions could use
interest from a team like the Falcons to leverage an even better deal out of the
Bucs, and then the Lions could draft left tackle Joe Thomas from the No. 4 spot.
The end result?  The Lions
would end up with the guy that the have coveted all along, they would pay him at
a slot two spots lower than No. 2, and they would get a bunch of extra picks
and/or players in the process.
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