Thursday, March 15, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/15/07

Mike Vick has given back to the community by opening a restaurant. Where underprivileged youth can play in the wine tasting area.

"Maybe this will offset some of that attention I've been getting, whether positive or negative," Vick said while sitting in a crowded wine-tasting area at The Tasting Room, the restaurant of which he is the main shareholder of three investors. "It's good for people to see that I'm giving back to the community, where people can see me trying to do something that's positive. There's a lot of people speculating about things I do that are not so positive."

The Texans are still looking to beef up the D with talks to DT Jeff Zgonina.

The party was at the LSU campus Wednesday for NFL scouts. More than 100 showed up for JaMarcus Russell's workout. Todd McShay, senor draft analyst for ESPN's Scouts Inc. was all giddy.
"His passing session was the most impressive of all the pro days I've been to," McShay said. (Also video of workout at that link)"His footwork for such a big quarterback was surprising. He was nimble in his dropbacks and when he's rolling out and throwing on the run. We all knew coming in that his arm strength is extraordinary. The ball just explodes out of his hands. His 73rd, 74th and 75th throws, he was flicking the ball 60 yards with his wrist and putting it right on the numbers."

The Lions sent seven people to watch Brady Quinn play catch.

Dolphins want to talk to Quinn and Russell. Possible trade up?

Once again the NFL is pointing at the leagues fat kids wondering how they could let themselves go like that.

Sources say that Keenan McCardell will be visiting the Saints.

Not the usual offeason routine for Peyton Manning. "Everything's been condensed a little bit, but that's good," Manning said yesterday. "It's a lot more fun working to find vacation time than figuring out a way to win the Super Bowl."

The Rams are one of many teams looking at Chris Draft to help at the LB spot.

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