Friday, March 9, 2007

More NFL Jabber 3/9/07

The Chargers are bringing back the powder blue. They are revamping their uniforms. “It's modern, but at the same time, it's classy,” said quarterback Philip Rivers, one of a half-dozen players who has seen and tried on the new uniforms. “... It's kept the tradition of the colors and the bolts. But it's done in a way that gives uniqueness to this team. It shows respect to the Chargers of the past. At the same time it says this is the Chargers of 2007. Hopefully we're holding up the (Lombardi) Trophy wearing these uniforms.”

The Texans added to their offensive line by signing Jordan Black, formally of the Chiefs. "Jordan came real close to signing with Oakland," agent Jeff Nalley said. "When it came down to it, he was within 30 minutes of signing with the Raiders, but then (Texans general manager) Rick Smith called. Jordan took less money to sign with the Texans because he's impressed with the organization and the direction they're going."

I mentioned earlier that I would post more about the Browns and Giants trade when the rest of the media world caught up to NFL Radio. Here is a little something from Pastabelly at ESPN.

Former NFL RB and present (for now) Cardinals assistant coach, Richie Anderson was busted in a hooker sting.

Last year at this time Colby Buckwoldt was expected to be the starting MLB in New Orleans. He didn't end up making the team. Today he met with the Steelers hoping to land a job.

Marco Columbo (if that isn't a mobster movie name waiting to happen) resigned with the Cowboys. two-year deal worth $7million.

Jeff Fisher is a little ticked at Pacman Jones over the latest with him not telling the team he was busted a couple times last year.

Apparently the Patriots may be interested in the newly cut, often injured Edge Hartwell.

Joey Harringtons agent spoke with the Panthers...and Jake D sighed relief as he must think if they are talking to him he still has his job.

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