Thursday, March 8, 2007

PFT Turd Watch Update

Pro Football talk is keeping score on all the violations of the law this year in the NFL. Currently the Falcons top the list.

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Atlanta 7

Indianapolis 6

Pittsburgh 3

Cincinnati 3

St. Louis 3

San Diego 2

Tennessee 1

Kansas City 1

Chicago 1

Everyone in the organization is
eligible. Players, coaches, owners, front-office employees, etc. If
the person works for the team and is arrested, the points will be assigned.
The term "players" includes
players on the roster, the practice squad, and any of the various "reserve"
lists (with the exception of "reserve-retired"). The scoring system is simple.
Seven points for a felony arrest. Three points for a misdemeanor arrest.
One point for a conviction. If there are multiple charges,
the points will stack, too.

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