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NFL Jabber 3/28/07

Mike Tomlin gives an example of his aggressiveness to the class by humiliating an airline employee that had it coming. After dealing with the airline over the phone regarding his lost bag and getting nowhere, Tomlin headed to the airport to do a little schooling.

"I get over there, and they tell me the bag is not there," Tomlin was saying at breakfast yesterday morning. "I said, 'I've been talking to your call center all weekend, and they said the bag is here.'

"They said, 'I don't care what they told you on the 1-800 number, your bag isn't here.' "

He was offered a $25 voucher on his next flight for his troubles.

"Well, somewhere during the conversation, I see my bag behind her in a pile," Tomlin said. "I said, 'That's my bag!' She said, 'Sir, your bag's not here, the computer says'... I said 'I understand what the computer says, but I'm looking at my bag! It's a black bag, Pittsburgh Steelers. It's my bag.'

"So, I walk around the counter and at that point, she started to get mad. I pulled the tag off and showed her it was my bag. I had to dig it out myself."

Frank Gore got new five-year deal in San Fran.

Manny Arora, the attorney for Pacman Jones is asking to see some evidence that proves his client should be charged with the felony that police are asking for in Vegas.
"My experience tells me if they would have been independent witnesses with a good recollection and no sort of bone to pick that they (police) would have acted on this weeks ago," Arora said.

Howard Bryant and Mark Maske of The Washington Post report that the Skins are being quiet on the Mr. Briggs goes to Washington talk. If John Clayton at ESPN is correct it could be sour grapes.If the trade did go through it would make for quite a change win the LB's in D.C. Briggs and London Fletcher would make for a scary pair. It's being brushed off as rumors by the skins.
"Right now, it's just a bunch of stuff that got thrown around" Monday, said Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs, interviewed yesterday at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. "Just a bunch of rumors."

The Cardinals and Bengals were the only two teams to vote to get rid of Instant Replay. Regardless it was revealed on the last episode that the Zebra have the hidden immunity idol.

Chris Henry is doing his part to make sure that the Bengals are not upstage on The Police Beat.

Coach Kiffen comments on the luxury of the #1 pick and compares the top two QB's.

"With JaMarcus, you have somebody -- it's like a video game," Kiffin said. "That's what I tell our guys. There isn't a throw he can't make, probably. The throws he can make, I don't know if anybody else can. He can go way over there and throw the ball 70 yards back over there. That's really exciting and everything. How many times does that happen in a year? About two in 16 games. While that aspect is fun, you've got to dig deeper. That doesn't happen much. That's a scout's dream, to have a guy like that."

On Quinn...

"He's fun to watch in that situation, when they're down and he's bringing them back," Kiffin said. "He's a big-time competitor. He's fun. I've had some discussions with him.He's extremely intelligent. I'm really excited about Brady, and I like him a lot."

The Lions are jumping in the the Trent Green trade talks. That would shake things up once again in the draft given they are projected in many places to take Brady Quinn.

Mike Shanahan is chipper these days, at least he showed that when talking to the press yesterday. He covered many topics while at the meetings in Phoenix. While some questioned the Broncos signing Travis Henry when Willis McGahee and Thomas Jones were out there, Coach was high on him all along.

"Two of the guys you first mentioned there were draft choices involved. So you want to give draft choices away for a guy you can get free, that you might like more? I really thought Travis Henry was the MVP of (the Titans), that's what I thought. . . . You were able to sign a guy and not lose a draft choice. It's like getting a first rounder."

Could it be Houston fans? Could the Texans finally be looking to land a tackle in the first round? Rumor has it...
"There's a good chance; it depends on who's out there," Kubiak said about the possibility of selecting an offensive tackle first. "We have to continue to improve up there."

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