Thursday, March 22, 2007

More NFL Jabber 3/22/07

After two months Michael Vick has come up with an explanation for his water bottle. It's a jewelry box! Sure is...and that top secret information could not come out before now. Sounds strange that he had to keep hush about that all this time. Couldn't he find a place to hide his earrings so he could give up the secret?

"I have had that bottle for years, for a long time," Vick told reporters gathered for the Falcons' announcement about the trade of Matt Schaub, Vick's backup. If you had seen the bottle, you would have never known there was any jewelry in there," he said. "I have had things stolen out of hotels. But I had never checked it through the airport."

Matt Schaub has already been named starter in Houston.
"Matt is our starting quarterback," general manager Rick Smith said.
"We're trying to help David find another place. We're trying to trade him today, maybe the next couple of days."
So Marshall Faulk is going to retire Monday. Did anyone really think he was going to come back?

Peyton Manning will be throwing himself into Saturday Night Live this weekend.
"The only thing I've done live is play football, and that's the best thing I do," Manning said. "I've told everyone those commercials are very taped and very edited, but being live is kind of like a game. I think they have a pretty good idea of what makes sense for me and what doesn't," Manning said. "I'm a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, so I'm wide open to anything that makes as big a fool out of myself as I possibly can."

The Raiders added a second QB to the roster with Josh Booty.

Az-Zahir Hakim is still playing football. Yep...he was signed by the Dolphins.

Rumor has it that the Broncos are shopping Al Wilson to give themselves a cap breather.

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