Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sneak Peak of Chargers New Uniforms

PFT has the following story listed on their website. Never seen powder blue look so mean. Not a bad move and they really do have a nice mix of the older and recent uniforms.
A glitch in the Chargers' official
web site last week allowed an image of the team's new home jersey and logo to be
leaked onto the Internet. The next day, the team unveiled the new home
jersey early, acknowledging that its hand had been forced by the computer error.
The official date for pulling the
curtain off of the new togs is Wednesday, March 14.
But, on Monday, new images of the
full home uniform -- and the new/old powder blue alternate uni -- surfaced,
apparently after the images were loaded onto a live page that snoopers located
by typing in the correct address.
Here they are:
Apparently, the Chargers will wear
the new uniforms at six homes games per year and the new/old powder blues twice
per year.
So why not go powder blue full
time? Well, that would leave Chargers fans with a maximum of only two
jerseys styles to purchase, instead of three.
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