Friday, May 25, 2007

NFL Jabber 5/25/07

Pete Prisco wants to remind everyone that Mario Williams is going to be a stud.

Would someone please just trade for Trent Green already?!? His agent won't return the Fins calls.

Face value (like that will stay the same by noon today) for a 2011 Super Bowl ticket is $900.

Roman Harper is ready to comeback in New Orleans. Can you "comeback" when you barely started?

Big Ben wants the no huddle...and it appears they are going to give it to him.

"I like the way he wants to run the no-huddle," Roethlisberger said. "Last year, we talked and talked and talked about doing it and never did it. We did it in the preseason against coach [Mike] Tomlin and Minnesota -- we marched down the field and I was done for the rest of the game. It was great. And then we never saw it.

"I like that he wants to do that and I truly believe this year that we will do it."

The Dolphins have signed Lorenzo Booker.

Sean Payton has put a smackdown on the rumors that Will Smith is bitching about his contract.

Marvin Lewis is saying he is sorry for basically accusing the Cincy cops of chasing Bengals.

"Yesterday, I gave a radio interview and made some comments that did not illustrate the high regard I have for the Cincinnati Police Department. I apologize that what I said did not reflect my true feelings," Lewis said.

The Cards are happy with the turnout for camp. Edge James had some family bidness to tend to.

The Colts are looking to stick with a two back system...if they can figure out who the 2 back will be.

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