Saturday, June 9, 2007

Culpepper joins "As the QB World Turns"

It was just a couple weeks ago when Daunte Culpepper talked about how he didn't worry about things like new QB's coming in. That was shortly after the Fins used a 2nd round pick on a QB.

So let's recap the last week for C-Pep. He was given the green light to take his knee on the practice field on Monday. Tuesday those trade talks for Trent Green finally came to a head. As no surprise Daunte was told on Wednesday he was going to be traded. Culpepper, who doesn't worry about things like that, told the team on Thursday he would like to be released.

He isn't going to go easy. Although understanding about the business side of the situation, Culpepper feels slighted by the Dolphins here. He makes a very good point in our opinion addressing it on Thursday.

"I must say the impatience the organization displayed in both encouraging me to rush back on the field last year and then rushing me out the door this year is disappointing," Culpepper said. "However, I understand that they have the right to make that business decision. It is now my turn to make some decisions."

So with that we come to Friday. As practice started Culpepper was right there along with the other QB's tossing balls around. He was told prior to practice that he would not be getting any reps beyond one-on-one drills. The Dolphins do have to protect their investment...for now...right? They can't have him getting hurt when they are already trying to trade away his knee and salary.

"I understand totally what's going on," said Culpepper, who is adamant that he wants to be released, not traded. "Instead of wasting time out there watching practice, I went into the weight room and got a little bit stronger.

"They are going to do what's best for them," Culpepper said before correcting himself by adding, "what they think is best for them."

Headlines were a bit misleading. Saying he was "escorted" off the field (by the guy who had the keys to the weight room)paints a picture of a disgruntled postal employee. I don't think he is going to come back with a gun dressed in camo. He is going to hit them where it hurts in the pocket book.

"Any team that's interested in my services, just sit tight," Culpepper said. "I'm not going to agree to a trade."

Culpepper, who acts as his own agent, knows that his contract would have to be restructured for a trade to happen...and he just plain isn't going to do it. I don't blame him.

So what is in store for Culpepper now? Many think he should sit out 2007 and heal. Daunte could be thinking this too, giving him time to have a stare down with the Dolphins.

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