Friday, June 8, 2007

NFL Jabber 6/8/07

I suggested a week or so ago that if they wanted to be taken seriously prosecuting Mike Vick they needed someone not named Poindexter. The Feds have moved in and stole Poindexter's thunder. How is he supposed to make his "bones" if someone else is digging them up?

"This comes as a shocker to me," Poindexter said. "That's the thing that's so strange, that they've taken such an interest in this. Michael Vick is so big, I guess they want in, too. They want some of this limelight. It's like someone wants to make their bones (reputation) on this case."

Tom Brady is knocking his new WR's down a little bit. It sounds as if he doesn't want people to think these guys are going to "save" the Pats. If I was Tom and didn't like the spotlight on my personal life I would let them have it.

"You hear so much about the new guys, and I kind of take offense a little bit to the guys we had last year and how hard they worked," Brady said. "We were in the AFC Championship game. I think over the last half of the season we threw the ball pretty effectively, and Reche had the best year of his career, Jabar had one of the best years of his career, Troy [Brown] had a great year, Ben [Watson] had the best year of his career. So a lot of guys put in a lot of work last year.

"I think everyone thinks that we get all these new players and all of a sudden we're destined for these huge expectations, but that's not the way it works in football. You've got to go out and everybody's got to find a role and you've got to do the little things that you don't really recognize on TV."

Daunte Culpepper does not want to sit around and wait like his new (for now) teammate, Trent Green. He is asking to be released.

"I must say the impatience the organization displayed in both encouraging me to rush back on the field last year and then rushing me out the door this year is disappointing," Culpepper said. "However, I understand that they have the right to make that business decision. It is now my turn to make some decisions."

Things have been quiet on the Jets front this offseason. They did pick up a stud RB and the offense is excited about their passing game.

Jerry Jones likes having a National Enquirer rep leading his team.

"We all want Tony to be everything he can be on the field," Jones said. "From my perspective, I like his colorfulness off the field. That is good for the Cowboys and good for football. There is an element here that is entertainment and you have to back it up with action. But if you are in my shoes, you are looking at the Cowboys franchise ... our role and where we are from an entertainment standpoint."

It's good to have goals SJax!

"My goal is 2,500 total yards from scrimmage," Jackson saidThursday. "And how I get it doesn't matter. But I want to get to that number."

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