Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More NFL Jabber 6/5/07

Odell Thurman accused of assault over the weekend. Just when things start to look up for the kid...

Alot of people thought that the Giants were getting the same guy as Sinorice Moss when they drafted Steve Smith. Moss doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

The Saints know they are not going to sneak up on anyone this year. Drew Brees isn't worried about it. "I pretty much know what this situation feels like," Brees said.

"Oh-four, oh-five with the Chargers we went from a surprise team to a team that everybody was ready for and that didn't turn out the way we wanted." (It didn't turn out the way Brees wanted, either; the Chargers lowballed him in the offseason, leading to his signing with the Saints, the classic blessing-in-disguise that was painful at the time). I realize it's harder to repeat success than to be successful the
first time," said Brees. "It's going to be hard to do what we did last

Lee Evans is making it easy to watch Bills practice.

Jerry Angelo did some Q&A with Bears fans.

What type of season would Rex Grossman have to have for the Bears to re-sign him, and would you consider signing him to an extension during the season if he meets your expectations?

Gurleen B.
Northbrook, Illinois

"We wouldn't rule anything out in terms of when we would talk to Rex. All Rex has to do is keep doing what he's doing: developing as a quarterback. He had a very good year last year. We were disappointed as he was with the inconsistent play at times. But we feel good about Rex's future. We want Rex to be our quarterback for a long time. He's got to continue to go out and improve. He knows that. We need to see that obviously, but we feel real good about the direction he's going in."

Jerry Angelo

You got 16 games to become an NFL QB Rex.

Coach Crennel says Charlie Fry has the leg up on the Browns QB job right now. Not a very glowing endorsement though

..."Because he has the most experience," Crennel said Tuesday after the Browns went through another practice as part of their organized team activities (OTAs). "That's the edge that he has."

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