Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NFL Jabber 6/13/07

Laurence Maroney is set to be the star back in New England. I like this kid. Reading this, it doesn't sound like he has a cocky bone in his body.

J.T. O'Sullivan threw for four TD's in NFL Europe this weekend. How long before the Bears fans get wind of this and call for him to get Grossman's spot?

Thomas Jones has been running with a chip on his shoulder since the Bears drafted Cedric Benson. Makes me wonder how that chip is going to make him run in New York since the Bears traded him away.

The Raiders are going to be playing more of a "left safety and right safety" defensive backfield than the traditional "strong safety and free safety" sort.

Kellen Winslow is taking the Shoeless Joe approach to practice.

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