Monday, June 4, 2007

More NFL Jabber 6/4/07

ESPN continues it's "The Best" series. Today, The Best Defensive player...2 votes for Brian Urlacher, 2 votes for Champ Bailey. To break the tie I'm going to vote that Len Pastabelly's vote doesn't count so Urlacher wins.

Previously they have covered...

Looks like they are tacking a felony obstruction of justice on to former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jack Trudeau's contributing charge.

For the second year in a row the Cardinals have sold out their season tickets.

Tank Johnson gets to sit out for half the season. I'm guessing he will gladly take that over the time he did in Casa Cook County.

"One day I want to be the face of the league for guys who have come through adversity and ultimately become the Man of the Year in the NFL," Johnson said in May following his release from jail. "That would be a tremendous ending to this story. That's something I'm striving for. I would love to do that."

Former Bills RB, Thurman Thomas, is getting set for his big day in Canton.

Given the drafting of a Center in the 2nd round by the Panthers, Justin Hartwig is wondering about his job.

"I was really surprised," Hartwig said Monday. "You immediately start to question things about yourself and what the team is doing."

Rod Marinelli is pleased with the turnout and work of his boys at minicamp.

"The attendance has been great," Marinelli said after Monday's workout. "The work's been great. I appreciate their work. I tell them that every day.

"Obviously, it's not mandatory. I think they've taken a tremendous professional approach to this game -- a real professional football team. They come out every day. They just go out and work -- the same pace, the same tempo.

"I've been very impressed with them."

Robert Meachum will undergo arthroscopic surgery tomorrow. He looks to miss 3-4 weeks.

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