Wednesday, June 6, 2007

NFL Jabber 6/6/07

New Bronco, Sam Adams, is five pounds lighter than his listed weight of 350...which basically means they weighed him before lunch.

Now with Trent Green is gone the Chiefs can concentrate on keeping Larry Johnson unhappy.

So on the same day that the Fins get Green...Culpepper is shooting off the email letting everyone know he has medical clearance...

'Andrews did a thorough exam with X-rays and gave me a very positive report and clearance for this week's mini-camp,'' Culpepper wrote Tuesday. ``Today, the Dolphins also cleared me so I am preparing to practice tomorrow [Wednesday]."

Mike Martz is playing Pop-Warner coach with Drew Stanton.

"He broke the way I hold the ball, putting my fingers up and more toward the point of the ball so it can really roll off my index finger," Stanton said. "He rotated my wrist, too, so that the ball turns out with my grip so that I can snap it more. I hold the ball tight to my chest now, instead of holding it back a bit, which led to things like my front shoulder going down and the weight not being on my back knee like he wanted it to be."

Vernand Morency wants to be the next surprise RB to come off the bench in the NFL.

"I really don't pay a lot of attention to what people are saying or what's in the newspapers," Morency said. "People questioning me is something that has been with me my whole life. In high school (in Miami), I had to follow my brother as the running back. Then in college at Oklahoma State, it was Tatum Bell. There's always been uncertainty about me replacing somebody. That doesn't affect me. I just go out and work harder."

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