Friday, April 6, 2007

Browns and Green make gold?

The Browns have to be driving Mock Drafters crazy. Everyone was sure that Adrian Peterson would be their pick and then they signed Jamal Lewis. That moved Brady Quinn into the number three spot in many mocks. Now it appears after all the rumors that the Browns are going to make a strong run at Trent Green. Even if they did sign Green it does not eliminate either of those picks as Green and Lewis both have their better days behind them.

Mary Kay Cabot at The Plain Dealer reports that GM Phil Savage and the Browns are ready to throw a "ballpark" offer at Green to tempt him to head to Cleveland.

"The attraction for us would be we're gonna run a similar offense to where he has been," Savage said.

The Browns can have some stiff competition from the Dolphins now that David Carr has agreed with the Panthers.

This could surely shake things up for the draft. The Browns have had JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson in for visits already. Other names mentioned for their pick are Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas, although they are not scheduled for visits both are tempting.

So let's look at the scenarios if Green is signed. One is that they still go with the plan to get Russell or Quinn. This depends on if they have given up on Charlie Fry yet or not. It's possible that they still believe in Fry and thought it was too soon for him to go in. They could go another route and still grab a Drew Henson in the second round.

If Fry is still the guy they want in the long run you have the option of taking a franchise RB in Adrian Peterson. Working him in with Lewis could be a perfect combination. Lewis is not the long term answer and the Browns hope to not be picking this early in the next couple of years. Another option at RB is to try and get a Kenny Irons in the second.

With Green under center you better be able to protect him. Joe Thomas could be a staple on the O-Line for years to come.

One move that could give the Browns instant excitement hype on offense is to draft WR Calvin Johnson. Pairing Johnson with Braylon Edwards and then having that Winslow guy at TE gives Green more targets than he has had since his short stint as starter in St. Louis.

I love this time of year. I really cannot wait to see how this plays out. There has not been so much excitement surrounding the Browns in sometime.

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Slash said...

Very nice blog. I have been a browns fan for about 15 years and can't remember a draft with so much mystery behind our pick. I feel quarterback is the least of our major needs, especially if we make a move for Green. Peterson/Thomas/CJ would all be fine with me. We need a pick that makes a big impact THIS year, not 2009. This is a huge year for the Browns. Many fans are fed up with the mismanagement of this team and will lose interest with another disappointing year.

Randy Dupree said...

I have to agree with Slash..The Borwns must draft another impact player. I feel that taking a QB with our first pick is a sign of the franchise going backwards. We have to get some playmakers out there, hope and try to limit the injuries that seem to haunt Cleveland year in and year out! If we can have a much improved line i think Charlie Frye can develop into the type of QB that the Browns are hoping for, let alone he hasn't really had a veteran QB to show him the ropes, Dilfer yeah, but i dont think he cared to much to work with Charlie.