Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/25/07

For some reason our society loves to look back on those that have failed. Not a jab there, for some reason I'm one of those although I think of myself as someone who likes to see people succeed. It's like rubber necking at a car accident. You don't want to see anyone hurt but you can't help but look. Charles Robinson at Yahoo! Sports! Has outlined a list of the worst all-time first round picks for your rubber necking pleasure.

Jerry Jones has come to terms with the fact that sometimes you just have to move up in the draft.

"We do have our bases covered so if there were a player we could reach -- big if, big if -- that could come in and make the obvious impact, then that should be a consideration," Jones said Monday in a 60-minute session with the media.

The Colts took a hit in Free Agency this year. They have to wait until the end of the first round and have their work cut out for them fixing needs in the draft.

After the Pro Bowl injury to his elbow, Drew Brees is back at work.
“I had to go into rehab mode again for about eight weeks,” said Brees, who spent all of last season rehabilitating from major surgery on his throwing shoulder. “That’s frustrating. It’s another offseason where you have to do some rehab. I guess that’s kind of the business we’re in. I came out of it stronger.”

One of the most dominant headline subjects of the offseason has been quiet for some time. For now Lance Briggs is still a Bear.
"To me, Lance's situation is that he's a part of our ball club and I assume Lance Briggs, No. 55, will be out there the first game," coach Lovie Smith added. "Once he has to be here, he'll be a part of it. That's how I'm looking at Lance Briggs."

Meanwhile, the Bucs are the latest team tied to trade talk rumors with the Bears for Briggs.

Rumor has it that the Chiefs are talking to teams about a possible trade for Larry Johnson.

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