Thursday, April 5, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/5/07

There is more and more talk of the Raiders taking Calvin Johnson with the #1 pick. Peter King at throws out the scenario that this blogger suggested sometime ago. Take Johnson #1 and Drew Stanton at the top of round two.

Michael Turner's visit with the Bills was postponed. Said to be an airline problem. Could it be things are heating up with the Titans? Was there a Wizzinator involved? A trap door in a water bottle? Likely lost luggage...

Ten run-ins with the law later Pacman sucks up to the Titans.

"Whatever the punishment is, I am going to be a man and I am going to take responsibilities and own up,'' Jones said. "Hopefully it won't be that long or nothing that could jeopardize my career."
"I have put myself in some bad situations as far as picking my places where to go and picking who to take with me, so I take total responsibility for that,'' Jones said. "But you live and you learn and if it keeps on happening, then you can point the finger and be like, 'Well, he still ain't learning.' … Trust me, I have hit the wall.''

The other NFL bad boy, Chris Henry isn't expected to get as big of a smack.

In the year 2007 it is still headline news when a woman gets a big gig. The Packers appointed Viki Vannieuwenhoven (say that one time fast) is the new VP.

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