Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jabber 4/11/07

The NFL is set to release it's schedule today...finally!

"On Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern, everything about the 2007 NFL schedule will be revealed. The schedule release day is becoming more and more like an unofficial holiday every spring. ESPN and The NFL Network each have two-hour specials. Fans have opportunities to study their schedule and map out their falls, particularly if they plan to travel to a few road games of their favorite teams."

Rick Maese of The Baltimore Sun plays a game of "what if" regarding the new Commish's hard hand on the bad boys. Maese goes back to the Ray Lewis starring on Court T.V. days and ponders what may have been had Lewis got the wrath that Pacman and Henry did from the league.

Mike Williams and Josh McCown played hooky from the voluntary mini-camp. Both players have been rumored to be in trade talks.

The Vikings had 25 players in for pre-draft visits yesterday.

Is it it Russell? Only Kiffen and his staff know. "
It's a great situation, obviously," Kiffin said of owning the rights to the top overall pick. "We're the only ones that control our own destiny. Obviously, we're looking at a number of options with players and also with trades."

Tony Dungy gives the commish a "Give'em hell Rodg."
"I applaud him," the Indianapolis Colts coach said Tuesday. "He is trying to put his stamp on things and let our whole industry know that we're going to be held to a higher standard.''

John Murphy at Yahoo! Sports gives his top five "falling" draft prospects, Marshawn Lynch included. Michigan's Alan Branch tops the list.

Packers LB Nick Barnett gives props to the team for taking care of it's own (him) instead of shopping for free agents.
"I think that's normal," Ted Thompson said of investing mostly in his own. "A lot of teams try to do that. From a timing standpoint, this was just a good time. It was good for the player and good for the club."

The Washington Post
has a section on the Ravens but has had the same story for the headlines since March 10th when Willis McGahee made his first public appearance.

Deuce McAllister wants more in 2007. I would say that 1000 yards is decent when having to share the load with a #2 pick. Deuce isn't complaining about that though, he wants more out of himself.
"There were some things I knew I could do well, and sometimes some things that didn't feel as good," McAllister said Tuesday during a break from the team's offseason conditioning program. "The doctors and trainers did a great job. But probably the thing that I wanted, probably more personal than anything, I just want some of those 60- and 70-yard runs again. That's the ultimate goal."

Houston is the new Gothem City with Ahman Green in town.
"They see me out here running, so they know I am Batman, but I am human," said Green, who earned his nickname because of his lifelong infatuation with the comic book hero. "I can get broken down, and the first day of running definitely did that. But that's what we work hard for, and that's what our goal is: to work hard and be contenders in the AFC South."

Pacman and Henry got theirs...what about Tank Johnson? He may have to wait until he is out of jail to get his.

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