Friday, April 13, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/13/07

Charlie Weis is campaigning for Brady Quinn to be in Cleveland."It's a match made in heaven," Weis said Thursday by phone.

"What more can you ask for? It seems to me to make too much sense. Hopefully, common sense will prevail and they'll draft him."

"You can't pick a guy just because he's always rooted for your team, but Brady has everything it takes to be a franchise quarterback for a long time -- and he loves the Browns," said Weis. "He's as passionate about the team as the fans are -- and I've experienced the Dawg Pound, so I know."

Michael Silver at has a "Ultimate Mock Draft" up. The clever idea has what he thinks each team in the draft would do if they could pick from any NFL player. I have heard of things like this before but they were called "Fantasy Mock Drafts."

Speaking of Fantasy Football, John Juhasz at goes out on a limb to say that best rookie RB's in the draft to make a fantasy impact are Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

Tom Curran at runs down his thoughts on the top ILB's in the draft.

The Texans continue with offseason moves signing Andre' Davis at WR.

The Saints have signed David Patton. Given the team effort they look for rather than the big name, he could be a good fit in the New Orleans offense.

If you judge by snaps at practice, Chris Simms is the starting QB in Tampa...for now.
"As far as who's starting, I'm not worried about it. It's a competition with myself just to see how good I can be," Simms said. "[But] I have been getting a good amount of the first-team reps."

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