Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pacman and Henry get their Spanking

You can be great at your job but that does not mean that you are suited for it. With many jobs there is more to it than punching the clock. Actions outside of work can take a toll on your job. you don't have to tell everyone that, it's kind of a given. As a Family Therapist I can't go sit on a bar stool next to a client. I could do it...but it would be frowned upon. Despite the ethics it can have a real damper on my job if I get pulled over on the way home.

You have to keep that in the back of your head. Usually when the little angel on one shoulder is trying to convince you not to listen to the devil on the other it's for good reason.

People have different definitions of right and wrong and what is important. Some people are cut out for their jobs, some are not. I'm not saying these two boy can't turn things around but if they can't...good luck. You were looking for a job when you found that one, right? Maybe not...although they may work hard it was kind of given to them. Now they have time to reflect and decide what to do about it.

Anyway...would it have been out of line to announce the new conduct policy BEFORE giving them the boot?

NFL suspends Titans' Jones for season

Sun Reporter

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell delivered on his get-tough approach for repeat offenders of the league's personal conduct policy today when he suspended Tennessee's Pacman Jones for the 2007 season and Cincinnati's Chris Henry for eight games.

Moments after announcing the suspensions, the league unveiled a revised personal conduct policy that claims the ability to discipline repeat offenders even if they have not been convicted of a crime.

Jones, a cornerback, has been arrested five times since he was the sixth pick in the 2005 draft, and had a total of 10 incidents that involved police. He has not been convicted on any of his charges, although two cases are pending.

Henry, a wide receiver, has four arrests since December 2005, and was suspended by Goodell for two games in 2006.

In a letter to each player, Goodell characterized the suspensions as "your last opportunity to salvage your NFL career."

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