Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/10/07

The is a good article at The Washington Post on London Fletcher and the obstacles overcome. I love these stories. I get sick of hearing about the Pacman's.

"It slaps us in the face," said Gregg Williams, the Redskins' assistant head coach-defense. "He's had just horrible tragedy," added Dick Vermeil, Fletcher's first head coach in professional football. Only Fletcher will not frown along with them, his voice will not harden. Everything he has become is because of where he had been and the fact he had been able to break away when others never could.

"I think of my story as inspirational," he said. "If I can help one kid who may be going through the same things I did, then it is worth telling."

The Rams have 29 players set for pre-draft visits.
"To be honest, some of these (visiting players), we really, really like," Linehan said. "The rest of the them are a mixed bag. There's medical re-checks that we need on some players. And there were pro-day conflicts with some where we're really just getting more information on players."

Peter Sirmon has a one-year offer on the table from the Cardinals.

Mike Shanahan has signed a three-year extension with the Broncos. This guys has only had one losing season with the team.

The Colts are looking for another RB to replace Dominic Rhoads. Kevin Barlow is on the list of "talked to."

David Carr says he is okay with the backup job in Charlotte.
"I'm excited about the opportunity in Carolina," he said. "They've got a great team -- good offensive line, good receiving corps, solid defense ... Pat Hill (Carr's coach at Fresno State) and (Panthers coach) John Fox have been friends for a long time, and I know he's a great coach."

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