Thursday, April 19, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/19/07

JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn have made stops to see the Lions.

The Plain Dealer
has the inside scoop on the Browns draft! Headlines read "Player will be picked." Really? I guess the headlines in L.A. could be "Player won't be picked."

Ahmad Brooks may get his chance to fill the MLB spot for the Bengals. Brooks is a good example that if you get your act straight for a long enough time, your other teammates will screw up and take the focus off you.

"I'm going to take it on," Brooks said after a workout Wednesday. "I'm glad the opportunity is there for me. I want to live up to the expectations."

Rumors about Dallas trading away Julius Jones are starting up again...
"Anything Dallas does regarding Julius Jones has nothing to do with salary-cap space. They have plenty of cap room to do whatever they want. They don't think he's an elite runner. They're likely going to ship him off on draft day."
-- Dallas Morning News

NBC Sports
has a cool poll up.

Updated: Apr.18, 2007, 5:08 pm EDT Everyone's an expert on who their team should draft, right? Tell us your opinion. For each NFL team, we've chosen three guys who should be available at their spot in the first round and who would fit a team need. Vote for who you'd want your team to pick.(Note: The Patriots own two first-round picks: No. 24 is from Seattle and No. 28 is their own. To vote for who New England should pick at No. 24 in Seattle's spot, go to the NFC West section.)

A good example of lack of things happening in the NFL right now, has a top story about kickers and punters.

So does The Rocky Mountain News...and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch...

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