Monday, April 30, 2007

Patriots Loading Musketts

If the offseason in New England tells us anything it is that the Pats are loading up the musketts and are going Colt hunting. Their moves to aquire Wes Welker, Kelly Washington and Donte Stallworth made it obvious they were going to be prepared for a shoot out this time around.

Overshadowing everything else in the NFL Draft this weekend the Pats stole Randy Moss from the Raiders for a 4th round pick. Forget the baggage, this is a steal. It's like if you buy a car for $200 and it runs for a month, you got your moneys worth.

The Patriots are in the running every year but have cemented their spot as Super Bowl favorite for 2007 on Sunday. Ironically, the Colts lost both of their starting CB's from the Super Bowl run in 2006.

In his first move of showing he will be on his best behavior for his new team, Moss put up no fight on the money front. Moss reportedly restructured his deal to a one-year contract worth around $3-$4 million. A major drop from the $9.7 million he was set to make this year and $11.25 million next year.

It will be interesting to see how Moss handles being part of a "team" as he has not done that yet in his career.

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