Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tired of "Lions can't take WR" talk

The story begins. Charles Rogers...27 career TD's at MSU, even had 270 yards in one game. Picked second overall, had 243 yards and three TD's in five games as a rookie before breaking his collarbone in 2003 and then again in the first game of 2004. Turned out to be a pot head.

Roy Williams has not turned out to be a bad deal at all. Taken at #7 in 2004.

This is where the Lions went wrong...Mike Williams came in after a year off from football because he tried to enter the NFL too soon the previous year and lost his eligibility in the process. This was The Lions fault for taking the guy. Nobody gives Mel Kiper Jr. crap for having him #1 on his BIG BOARD for that draft. The snowjob that ESPN and Mel Kiper do on the public every year is for another day...

Calvin Johnson is a monster. Charles Rogers is no Calvin Johnson. Mike Williams is no Calvin Johnson. We don't have to go into his college career, I have taken a look at that HERE.

I'm tired of hearing that the Lions cannot take the guy that is supposed to be the best player in the draft because he lines up at WR. The Charles Rogers incident was four years ago. I don't believe that they did any wrong in taking him given his career at MSU and you could have never predicted his injuries. If they were aware of his love for the weed, that is another story.

Mike Williams was a bad draft pick by the Lions. Williams was a bust and that happens. What do you do when something is busted? Fix it. That's what they tried to do when drafting it didn't work, try again.

The Lions are gun shy now at that position because they are heckled in the media and by fans. They made a joke out of themselves but nobody would be laughing at the Johnson pick. Not for any foreseeable reason. The guy is said to have great character and can play the game a little too. He is considered the best player in the draft and had a good visit in Detroit. But they can't take him because they made a bad pick in 2003 and again in 2005...

Despite my little ramble I don't think Johnson is the BEST pick for Detroit. They need help in too many other places, like a franchise QB. It just gets under my skin when I hear that the Detroit Lions CANNOT take Johnson because of those past picks. Okay..I'm done, can't wait for the draft!
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Special K said...

If the Lions can't take a WR, then the Browns shouldn't be able to draft anything but a kicker or punter. Just because you missed on a guy or two in the past (every team has), you can't take that position? Well if you missed, then obviously you probably still have a hole at that position because the guy you thought was going to fill it didn't work out, so why not try again? Why would you take someone who doesn't warrant getting taken at that spot just because it is at a different position than what you have had a few problems with in the past.

The Lions are stupid if they don't draft Calvin Johnson just because of the media and other pressures. If they want to get an easy way out of it, they just let themselves get skipped like the Vikings did a couple years ago. That way people would be talking more about how they got skipped than who they actually drafted. Don't make a dumb mistake AGAIN Millen.

Lee said...

Well, it appears that the Lions did not listen. It was the best move for them. You don't pass on this guy.