Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If I could watch one game a week Part II

Ahhh, the NFL schedule release. The time when we football fans can visualize the upcoming season...almost touch that it's real. So as the mandatory move of anyone who puts sports print on the net I'm going to go through and list my "must see" games. If I could watch one game per week (that is not just my team) these would be the games at this point. If I had to set my DVR now, this would be the list...

Part I

Week 5

Chicago making the trip to Green Bay on a Sunday Night. You have the whole, "Might be Brett Favre's last trip to Chicago," thing. Bottom line is these teams hate each other and that makes great football for me. I love rivalry and this one goes way back. I'm sure The Pack would love nothing more but to knock the Bears down a notch on national TV.

Week 6

Cincinnati at Kansas City looks like the game for me this week. Six weeks into the season these two teams could be defining their playoff chances. If nothing else we can see Damon Huard exposed for the back-up QB that he is (if he hasn't been already) against a Cincy D.

Week 7

Monday Night, Colts go to Jacksonville. No matter how their season is going the Jags always play the Colts tough. Look at the spanking they put on the Colts last season, 44-17 (which was also the lat Jags win). YES...the Jags vanilla offense put up 44 points on the team that would go on to win the Super Bowl. It appears that the Colts are the only team the Jags fully prepare for anymore so I look forward to this one.

Week 8

HATE! Pittsburgh in Cincinnati. My cousin and his wife had to run for their lives out of a sports bar after Palmer went down with that leg thing in the playoffs in 2005. Another patron stated before fists started flying, "Look what you did to our Quarterback." Despite how ignorant the guy was to think my 5'1" cousin played for the Steelers, it was my cousins fault too for wearing a Steeler jersey into a Cincy Sports Bar after the playoff game. As I said before, I LOVE a good rivalry!

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