Sunday, April 8, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/8/07

Go figure. Barry Sanders says that you need to build a team with the O-Line. Maybe if that advice was taken years ago he would have kept playing.

"I don't know that much about who we have right now," Sanders said in a telephone interview the other day. "I've always liked just football players -- guys who are football; players with overwhelming physical talent, in most cases.

"Obviously, there are some exceptions. The game, it's not an easy game, but I think some of the concepts are pretty obvious, especially on the professional level. You have to have some kind of protection. The guys on defense up front are just too fast and too strong and too good not to have a good, solid offensive line.

"I think, every year, when you look in the playoffs and Super Bowl, that fact is made even more obvious. You always have to shore up your line of scrimmage."

Lincoln Kennedy is using the Arena Football League to gear up for a potential NFL comeback. I have wondered what his motive was for going to the AFL rather than shooting straight to the NFL.

"When I put my mind toward something, I like to see it through," Kennedy said in a phone interview Thursday. "When I came into the league, my goal was to play 12 years. I burned out after my 11th year. Staying near the game in the media helped me stay surrounded by the sport, and when my body started feeling better, I decided I wanted to go back and get that 12th year."

Jon Akerman of feels that the #11 pick is the best to land a star player. He pegs the worst spot as #6.

So apparently the Raiders are in talks with the Lions about a trade for Josh McCown.

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