Friday, April 20, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/20/07

Picture this...Your tired on defense, it's the 4th quarter. The Rams decide to spell Steven Jackson a little comes a fresh Ricky Williams for you to slow down. If Scott Linehan got his way that may just be what teams face this season.

"I would have to look into it a little bit more,'' Linehan said during a pre-draft news conference with St. Louis reporters. ``But based on how he played and the kind of person he was to be around, I would certainly consider it, and I'd fight for him.''
Rams Coach, Scott Linehan, thinks that Ted Ginn Jr. can make the defense better in St. Louis.
"I promise you, if a player like Ted Ginn or any other player creates field position, or changes the scoreboard and makes it a 14-point lead for the Rams, our run defense is going to get a lot better," he said. "Because the team we're playing is going to be throwing. To me that's a logical way of looking at it."

Causing speculation, the Chiefs are interviewing RB prospects for next weeks draft.

The Saints can blow their draft options wide open if the Colts don't match the offer sheet given to CB Jason David.

The Saints added another LB via free agency this week as well, sighing Trev Faulk.

With no teams beating down his door, Corey Dillon is looking at retirement again.

Mel Kiper thinks the Falcons could make the move of the draft by going to #2 to get Calvin Johnson. "The Atlanta Falcons have an option," Kiper said.
"They are eighth. Do they move up to No. 2 to try to get Calvin Johnson? If Atlanta could get him, it would be one of the coups of the draft."

"Michael Vick on third down, he's errant with his throws or he has throws dropped," Kiper said. "Either way, it's a drive-killer. ... If they had Calvin Johnson, a big target with the hands and the skill level, all of sudden that would help out that offense dramatically for [coach] Bobby Petrino."

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