Friday, April 6, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/6/07

David Carr has agreed to be the backup in Carolina. Some may wonder how long the word "backup" will be used though as it has been said they wanted someone to push Jake D. for the job.

Pats tagged CB, Asante Samuel may ask to be traded.

“This is to let everybody know that I’m not happy anymore and things are not going well,” Samuel said. “At first I thought it was going well, but it’s not. We have a difference of opinion in my value. They think I’m worth one price and the other teams think I’m worth a lot more. If a long-term deal can’t be done at fair numbers for me and New England, then I want to be traded.”

Jeff Fisher will have four guys ducking it out for one safety spot this spring. Lamont Thompson, Calvin Lowry, Vincent Fuller and Bryan Scott will all be trying to get the starting SS position next to Chris Hope.
"What we want to do is bring experience and depth to the position and open it up for competition," Fisher said. "One would assume it's going to be difficult to unseat Chris. Chris returns as the starter. But as far as the other position, we will open it up and see what happens."

Patrick Crayton is looking to stay with the cowboys, signing a $1.3 Million contract. Seems like such a small number doesn't it? What this mere mortal would give for that though...

Barry Sanders will face off with Jim Brown in a charity golf tournament.

The Colts are making their trip to the White House on April 23.

Champ Bailey thinks with the addition of Bly the Broncos have the best CB tandem in the league.

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