Wednesday, April 18, 2007

NFL Jabber 4/18/07

Joe Thomas is going to be skipping the Draft Day invite to New York. Instead he will continue a family tradition fishing with his father on Lake Michigan that lands on that weekend.

Smokescreen a rising in Baltimore... Ozzie Newsome hinted that the Ravens could take a QB late in the first round.

The Pats continue to add free agents. This weeks edition has then signing CB Tory James.

"I think Tory was really impressed with how in-depth Coach Belichick went, expressing how he visualized using him and the feel he had for his game, his techniques, and his strengths," said Mark Bartelstein, James's agent.

Brady Quinn has made his stop in Oakland.'s Don Banks lists his top five players in the draft to make an immediate impact in 2007. Marshawn Lynch tops his list. has a cool rundown of the history of the draft being televised. The annual show that almost never was...

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