Thursday, March 1, 2007

NFL Jabber 3/1/07

With the debate over which QB should go first in the draft I have seen alot of Manning vs. Leaf comparisons to the situation. Phil Taylor at dives into the debate a little more here.

With all the franchise tags the Free Agent pool is getting shallow. "I think everybody kind of has visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads," Tennessee General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said, "and as you go through, Indy tags a player, Cincy does and all of the sudden a lot of the difference-makers aren't there. That being said, if you do your homework in free agency, you can find players that will help your roster."

The Jamal Lewis cut was a cap-related move and he is still likely to return to the Ravens.

Speaking of cap cuts, the Bengals booted LB Brian Simmons.

The Lions are eyeing Rams WR, Kevin Curtis.

The Fins can see alot of changes on the Defensive line front come tomorrow, possibly leafing them to go young and D in the draft.

Brad Johnson is gone in Minny. Johnson, who spoke in recent days to Childress and owner Zygi Wilf, said: "I just want to thank Zygi and Brad. I think there is a lot of respect now on both sides. Things ended on a good note."

Steve Corkan of the Contra Costa Times thinks that Jeff Garcia may be stalked by the Raiders. "If the Raiders call once free agency beings, Oakland definitely will be one of the places he seriously considers," said Steve Baker, Garcia's agent.

Jim Wyatt at the discusses why he thinks Vince Young will attract Free Agents (with good reason). Keith Bullock agrees-"The things that we've done, they see what has been going on. Definitely I think this will be looked at as an attractive place in spite of what's happened in the past," linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "I think we shouldn't have a hard time trying to get free agents and high-quality free agents, top free agents.''

TE Kris Mangum of the Panthers is calling it quits after ten years with the team.

With all their cash, the Browns are licking their chops waiting on free agency to begin.

The Texans have given the boot to Eric Moulds, Zack Wiegert and Seth Payne. "We all face difficult decisions at this time of the year," Texans general manager Rick Smith said. "We're doing everything we can to improve our team."

Saints Tackle, Jon Stinchcomb is watching the clock, hoping to stay a Saint.

The Chargers put a huge price on Michael Turner. “I'd just feel better to have him in '07,” General Manager A.J. Smith said Wednesday. “If anything happens to LT – God Almighty! – that he gets hurt.”

The Jags are going to be looking at a more vertical passing game (Moss rumors still going)?

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